Maximizing Self-Love & Leadership to attract the life and love you are worthy of!

Resiliency and Relationship enrichment coaching for women who want to learn how to better love themselves, others and live happier.

Life Under New Management, LLC offers self-love & leadership transformational group coaching for Divorced/Single women who ; 

  •  Know they need to love themselves more as a way to recover fully from their breakup
  • Want to heal themselves back healthy and whole
  • Are ready to take complete responsibility and ownership  for the life and love they attract moving forward

Divorce can take a lot out of women and if we are completely honest with ourselves, we've already been giving way too much of ourselves, before the divorce stage even began.  It takes courage to divorce regardless if you initiated the process or not but most importantly it takes confidence to move forward alone powerfully  

Re-Invent & Re-Establish your Self-Worth

Single life can leave you feeling insecure, unworthy and extremely vulnerable.  Life Under New Management LLC is here to support you in developing your new Self-Love story.  How awesome would it be to redefine and align your new life and new love core values (wants and needs) prior to braving the dating scene?   Women need clarity on who they are and what they want so they can build resilience in all areas of their life, specifically their love life. 

Imagine entering the dating scene without feeling the need to compete or lower your personal standards? 
 Create a powerful Self-Love story that helps you attract the life and love you are worthy of.

Create a powerful Self-Love story that helps you attract the life and love you are worthy of.

Beyond the altar,  after divorce,  we help you bring your best Strong....Sacred....Sexy....healthy Self to the forefront to attract the life and love you are so worthy of.  Our Self-Leadership coaching will help you upgrade your self-love for healthy dating as well as prepare you for if and when you are ready to tie the knot again as a beautiful healthy 2nd time bride. 

Create a  powerful Self-Love story that powerfully supports you in your new season. 
A  Self-Love story that is  healthy and nurturing and fitting for the authentic new you.  

Offerings include self-leadership & relationship enrichment workshops,  group coaching and one on one coaching.   In addition,  we have supportive social media resources.  Stress is NOT...Sexy!! (A Facebook stress management wellness group) and 365 Days of Grace and Gratitude (A Facebook gratitude group).  Our services work together to empower you to maximize self-love through  self-leadership to help you leverage lessons from the past as you step into your season confidently attracting the life and love you are worthy of.