Balancing Self-Love & Leadership after Divorce

Resiliency and Relationship enrichment coaching for women who want to learn how to better love themselves, others and live happier.


Life Under New Management, LLC offers self-love & leadership transformational coaching for divorced woman.  Offerings include leadership & relationship enrichment workshops,  one on one and group coaching and webinars.   As well as, a Facebook stress management wellness group and a Facebook gratitude group.  Our services work together to empower you to maximize self-love through  self-leadership and leveraging your new awakening to create the life and love you deserve.

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Love Under New Management  Coaching

For 2nd time brides, personal growth is paramount in making healthier choices moving forward.  Our past can be our best teacher.  Here, brides will leverage lessons learned and create a new story.  One with increased awareness and enhanced communication, as well as other self-leadership tools to improve her understanding of self and her significant other. 

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Stress is NOT...Sexy!! Emotional Stability & Resilience Coaching 

 Need help coping with your present lifestyle?  Feeling overwhelmed and stressed?  Great news, there are choices you can make today that will increase your mental stability and resilience and help you live mentally healthier.  This coaching program can help you identify,  reduce, eliminate and respond appropriately to stress triggers and build up your emotional stability.

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 DISC TriMetrix EQ Assesments- Coming Soon!

The TriMetrix EQ assesses three areas: Behaviors, Motivators & Emotional Intelligence.